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There's nothing like coming home to a warm house on a cold Nebraska night. Oregon Trail offers the best in home heating services, including furnace installation, furnace repair and maintenance services. Being warm is vital to your family's well-being. Let The Inside Guys keep you comfortable all year long!
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There are many options when considering a new furnace for your home. At Oregon Trail, we design a quality system that best fits your family's needs using high-quality heating equipment that is built to last. 

We will properly size the furnace for you home and assess your duct system to determine whether modifications are necessary due to their age or condition. Enjoy total comfort this winter with a new furnace!

Heater Check

During the winter, the largest portion of your utility bill is most likely coming from your gas furnace heating system. As a furnace gets older, its efficiency of heating your home reduces. This decrease in efficiency leads to an increase on your energy bills.

If you ever experience a problem with your heating system during the dreaded cold weather, you can count on our professionally trained technicians to quickly get you nice and warm! If you are currently having a problem with your furnace, contact us at (308) 635-1921 to schedule an appointment with one of our Service Technicians to evaluate the problem. Oregon Trail services all makes and models of equipment!

We take the guesswork out of repair costs, and provide you with a solid commitment to ethical service. Here's how it works: We quote you a nominal dispatch charge that includes the service call and a comprehensive diagnosis of your system.  After we discover the problem, we give you a firm, up-front price to repair it, including all labor, parts and materials.


There comes a point when your older furnace begins to need repairs. Sometimes, it's difficult to decide whether or not it's worth repair costs vs. equipment replacement. By replacing your older system, which is very costly and inefficient to operate, you can avoid the high heating bills. Some gas furnaces over 15 years old can drain the money right out of your pocket, wasting up to 45% of the heat they generate.

We use top of the line high-efficiency equipment, designed to save you money on high energy costs. Most importantly, we are able to help you make an educated decision whether to repair or replace your system. Oregon Trail serves the entire Scottsbluff area!

Can your furnace handle the winter?

Too Hot then Too Cold

This can indicate uneven home heating, which could indicate leaky ductwork. 

Makes Funny Noises

A scraping, loud pop or bang, or a whine means it's time to give us a call!


It Smells Funny

Strange smells could indicate a leak or a problem with your motor. 

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